healthy teeth: Get teeth healthy, strong, white and clean

How to maintain healthy teeth remain strong and healthy? 

Dentistry is a very important organ in our body, our teeth without going to the trouble of eating food, because it is fitting that we should be grateful to the Almighty God by way of taking care of our dental health and hygiene is to stay strong and not sick. Toothache it feels very ill, and therefore we must take care of our teeth, remember "keep it better than cure".

Maintaining dental health was very easy and cheap. We must take care of our teeth by brushing teeth regularly with a fluoride toothpaste because toothpaste can strengthen our teeth. To brush their teeth twice a day, the perfect time to brush your teeth is the morning after breakfast and at night before bed. To keep our teeth to stay strong enough to take the time to 10 minutes a day brushing, God willing if we do this regularly then we will keep your teeth clean, white and strong.

healthy teeth: get teeth healthy, strong, white and clean

Good toothbrush to brush the teeth is a toothbrush that has soft bristles so as not to hurt our teeth and gums when brushing teeth. In addition, a good toothbrush that can reach up to the teeth the most. Make the parents to provide an attractive toothbrush for children, as young children will be enthusiastic to brush his teeth.

Gargling with mouthwash at least once a week healthy, it is very useful to kill the germs that can not be reached by a toothbrush. For the mouthwash you can buy in the shops nearby. if you want to use natural ingredients to look for it in Google with the keywords "Prescription Mouthwash naturally".

Avoid the use of tooth whitening using chemicals, because this teeth whitening can make your teeth brittle. If you want to use teeth whitening, please contact your doctor for consultation teeth whitening which is suitable for you. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages that can make us chocolate-brown teeth and not clean, if you already like what you are not ashamed. Continued consumption of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. A few articles how to keep healthy and strong teeth may be useful.

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